Hello! 👋 I'm Marcos Nicolas Manzanares. People call me Nicolas. I'm from San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina.

I started coding PHP when I was nine years old. I began my career with web development, working freelance for many websites. 🌐

A few years later, I got introduced to game development using Macromedia Flash 8, until I finally started working on Unity in 2013. 🎮

I developed, finished and published my first full-fledged videogame LocoSoccer on Steam in 2015.

From July 2023, I dedicate myself professionally, in a full-time basis, to entrepreneurship for Startreming Games.


Companies where I worked. It might not be updated, check my Linkedin.

Startreming Games

Co-founder, Lead Engineering and CEO. Worked on LocoSoccer, Wave Rider, Antifector and others. I was the tech lead and project lead of every project, and I also run the commercial and administrative side of the company.
june 2014 — now

Universidad de Mendoza

Videogames Architecture teacher in Technician in Video Game Programming career. I teach a handful of students every week, mainly preparing them for the last year of the career, giving them real-life exercises and useful professional information from the industry.
march 2021 — now

Trick Gaming Studios

Developed a big multiplayer game being the main architecture developer and networking engineer using Photon Fusion. Had to talk and negotiate features with the client. Game is targeted for PC, having a similar gameplay infrastructure to League Of Legends. Worked in a big team.
february 2022 — june 2023

Game Cloud Network

Short-term contract developing an upcoming multiplayer sidescrolling 2.5D game. I used Unity and Netcode for GameObjects, working with artists and game designers in a full-time basis.
march 2023 — june 2023

Aconcagua Software SRL

Worked as Unity Game Developer developing AA titles for Pipeworks Studios, such as Magic Spellslingers and an undisclosed Netflix game. I worked in a small team from Aconcagua but mainly communicated with the client. My job was mainly UI-based and involved some bugfixing.
april 2022 — november 2022


Software Engineer full-stack. Worked at Trivia Crack Adventure deploying features. I learned most I know about software engineering and architecture, applying good practices in a daily basis for a game that was receiving updates every week.
august 2020 — may 2022


Worked as an Android Developer developing apps for international clients. Even though my main app was Motorpass, I started working in a backoffice for an app using JavaScript. I also did some work for Click To Pray and an app for a major dental company.
september 2019 — june 2020


Even though I mainly develop videogames on Unity, I defend myself in several aspects of software development.

Web Development

I developed websites and worked professionally for about 5 years in raw HTML/CSS/JS and also with Vue.js, but mainly with PHP. I have also worked making Rest API in Node.js and Python.

Unity Development

I have more than 10 years of experience developing Unity games, using the entire pipeline. From UI, UX, architecture, infrastructure, engineering, CI/CD to 2D, 3D, 2.5D art and pipelines like built-in and URP.

Android App

I worked a year developing Android Apps, where Motorpass comes as featured since I had to develop that app from scratch. Architecture, design (not art, just layouts) and frontend, API calls and details.